North Central Solid Waste Strives to Improve Customer Satisfaction


Gino Romero, Manager of North Central Solid Waste Authority (NCSW), says NCSW is in the process of investing in new equipment in efforts to provide better and more efficient disposal services to the community of Rio Arriba County.   This cost efficient investment will save Rio Arriba County citizens on waste disposal and recycling.

“Our mission and first priority is to provide outstanding quality customer service,” Romero said. “Ensuring customer satisfaction is our number one concern.”

Romero said one common customer complaint when he joined the team, was the way the phone calls were received and disbursed. “An automated system was the first point of contact with no personal interaction; now every call is welcomed by an NCSW employee.  This method allows us to address any questions or resolve any issue the customer may have immediately.” 

Recently, an audit which was performed by NCSW, disclosed about 6.2 out of 10 Rio Arriba County citizens actually pay trash fees. Romero stated that efforts are being implemented to distinguish illegal users so appropriate action may be taken to collect any outstanding fees. “Every property owner that is provided with disposal services must be treated equally and pay for this service,” said Romero. “This long overdue measure will create revenue, to benefit taxpayers by providing better customer service and additional community services.”

Other efforts being made by NCSW include:

  • Extending hours from 5p.m. to 5:30p.m; including staying open during the lunch hour

  • Finding alternative methods of resolving organic waste to benefit the environment

  • Continuing to provide paying customers with yearly residential punch cards, which allow for 12 loads to be taken to the dump that may exceed waste-bin space

  •  Restructuring current staffing levels by implementing a Human Resources position and an Information Technology position to enhance employee satisfaction and create a community interactive website

  • Investing in more efficient and cost effective administration equipment, that matches or supersedes the performance of existing equipment

  •  Purchasing and maintaining new garbage vehicles

  • Implementing more proficient garbage routes to save on gas and prevent delays in pick-up

  • Provide customers with an alert system to inform them of any delays/cancellations of routine garbage pick-up

Romero stated, “Customers are noticing the newly implemented improvements and I feel confident that these initiatives will continue to ensure customer satisfaction”.

For a list of NCSW locations and hours of operation click here.

-Erika L. Martinez, September 2011