Page Manager: PDF, HGML, and Database Pages

Uploading a PDF 
  1. Use the Page Manager to add a new PDF page to your site (Creating New Pages)
  2. Once you have added a PDF page to your site, a bright blue Upload button next to the new page name. Click the Upload button.
  3. On the pop up browser window, use the Choose File button to select the PDF you wish to upload on your local computer or network.
  4. Hit the Upload PDF button
  5. If you want your PDF to appear within the web site's drop-down navigation, click the Online box next to the page name in the Page Manager. Then click the Update Navigation button at the bottom of the Page Manager. Otherwise, create a contextual link to the PDF on one of your other pages.

Adding an HTML or Database Page

You may use your Page Manager to add new HTML or Database Pages to the navigation for your site However, the actual pages themselves must be built by your web developer.