Page Manager: Creating New Pages

To add a new page to your web site, first click on the "add page" link in the upper left corner of your Page Manager. You will then see a panel that looks a lot like this:

(The "view all pages" link at the top of this panel takes you back to the Page manager.)

Using the Add Page Panel:

  1. Enter the Page Name as you want it to appear.
  2. Select the Section in which you want the page to appear. (Remember, Sections are hard wired into your site. You must choose from an existing section.)
  3. Select from an existing Subsection, or create a new one by typing in the name.
  4. Select a page type. (see Page Types, below)
  5. Choose the template you want the page to be based upon, if there is more than one choice available.
  6. Enter any author or notes information
  7. Ignore the "Insert into Navigation checkbox.
  8. Ignore the "protected" checkbox.
  9. Click the add/update button. You will be taken to the Page Manager. See "Back in the Page Manager" notes, below.

Add a Child Page to a Subsection:
"Sub-subsection" pages are pages that will not show up in the top or side navigation. You will add these pages, and then create contextual links* to them later. NOTE: There is a function in the Page Editor called Link Browser that makes adding contextual links easy. Add a sub-subsection page the same way you would any other page. Do not click the "online" checkbox next to these pages in the Page Manager, so they will not appear in the drop-down navigation. Keeping them out of the drop-down navigation will avoid confusing the hierarchy of pages.

Page Types:

  • Admin Page: a page you can add your own content (text and images) to with the Page Editor.
  • PDF: Use for adding a link to a downloadable PDF to your site navigation
  • Database: This is set aside for the web developer to use.
  • HTML: This is set aside for the web developer to use.

*Contextual Links: Text links, links that look like ordinary text (often in blue underline) as oppposed to graphic buttons or rollover links in navigation panels.

Back in the Page Manager:

  1. Find the name of the new page you just added. Use the yellow "edit" button to open the Page Editor for that page. Add any content and then hit the "record changes" at the top of the editor to create that page. NOTE: You must hit "record changes" at the top of the editor for your new page in order to create the initial version of that page.
  2. Optional: If you have the hierarchical editing authority feature, there will then be a "create" button by that page in the Page Manager. An administrator with authority to make a page live must then hit that "create" button.
  3. Optional: If you have drop-down navigation panels, and you wish to include the new page in the links shown in your drop-down list:
    1. Check the "online" box on the left side of the page in the Page Manager
    2. Click Update Navigation at the bottom of the Page Manager.