USING YOUR ADMIN - Begin with the Page Manager

Your Page Manager is the place for you to:

  • access all of your admin pages for editing.
  • add new pages to your site, or delete existing pages
  • change the order in which pages appear in your site's drop-down navigation lists, if your site has them
  • approve tentative changes to your pages, if your site utilizes a hierarchical approval system

Log on to your page manager with the link, user name and password you have been provided.
You will be taken to a page that looks something like this:

Look at the blue text links at the top of the Page Manager:

  • add page -- takes you to a new screen where you can add pages to your site
  • view all pages ...view About Farmington ... etc. -- (Optional) If you have this feature it narrows down the listing of pages that will appear in your Page Manager, so it's not so long. NOTE: If you are a top administrator, you will have access to every page on your site. If you are the administrator for only one section, your site may be set up so that you only see the pages listed in that section.

Look at the Main Grid (the part with all the colored buttons). Shown here, City Government is a Section of this web site. You can't modify the Sections on this site -- Sections correspond to the main tabs that appear on every page.

Just under the heading, City Goverment, you see Administration. Administration is a Subsection under the Section, City Government. It also appears as the first page in that subsection, inside a black bar. That means it is an Index page. It will show up as a link under the main tab at the top of each page.

Pages below the Index page (City Attorney, City Clerk, etc.) can appear as secondary navigation links on the left side of all the pages within their Subsection.

What do the colored buttons mean?

  • Yellow edit: brings up the page editor for that page, where you can add/delete/edit content text and images.
  • Gray view: This link shows you the current version of the page. Optional: if you have the hierarchical editing authority feature (green buttons) the view button shows the "pending" edited version of the page, if it has not been made current in the site. NOTE: You may need to refresh your browser to see the latest version of this page.
  • Green Current/create,update: (Optional) indicates the status of the page -- see the legend at the top of the page manager. If current, clicking on this link shows you the actual online page.
  • Red delete: makes the page go away
  • Yellow edit info: brings up the "add page" screen related to this page, allowing you to edit where the page name, and where it is positioned in the navigation scheme. More about this on the next page of this manual.

Online Checkboxs on the left side of the grid: These determine whether a page will appear as part of your drop-down navigation panel on the web site (if you have that feature). Use these in conjunction with the "update navigation" button at the very bottom of the grid.

Reorder Navigation If your site includes navigation panels with drop-down links, the order they will appear in is alphabetized, by default. If you wish to change the order of your navigation within a given section, click this link, and you will be shown a new screen where you can make changes.