USING YOUR ADMIN - The Page Editor - Other Fields, Top of Page

Linebreak Check Box: At the top of the editor page is a little box, called Don’t convert linebreaks to <br>. You probably won’t need to use this, but here’s the story. In HTML (web page code), "<br>" means "make a line break". It’s like hitting the return/enter key on your keyboard.

The Desert Heart editor automatically inserts an invisible <br> into your text, whenever you hit the return/enter key, or when you paste text into the paragraph field that has linebreaks in it. If, for some reason, you have entered a bunch of linebreaks in your text that you don’t want, checking this button will eliminate them, and run all of your lines together into one big paragraph. You can still type in <br> by hand, to create a linebreak. The admin just won’t do that automatically for you, when you check this box.

Page Title: This is the title of each web page as it will appear in the very top bar of the browser window.

Metatag: Keywords: Keywords are used by search engines to sort and rank your web site. If you are optimizing your web pages for search engines, this is where you will place your keyword list.

Metatag: Description: Search engines also use descriptions of your web site, in sentence format. Place your key description here.