USING YOUR ADMIN - The Page Editor - Multiple Groupings

Your admin allows you to group together headings, paragraphs, images and lists , and then switch the order of groupings. Why is this a good thiing?

Let's say you want to publish a list of coming events. By saving each event as a separate group, you can use the red arrow/X buttons to switch the order of events, or eliminate the events that are no longer current.

Use Groupings:

  1. Groupings are separated by the horizontal lines in your admin.
  2. Create content for at least two groupings, using any combination of elements: heading, paragraph, image, and/or list.
  3. Use the little red arrow/X buttons:
    • The down arrow moves a grouping down in the sequence.
    • The up arrow moves a grouping up in the sequence
    • The red X eliminates a grouping

Another use for groupings: You can also use groupings as a way of placing an image above or below a paragraph. Put an image and a paragraph on separate groupings, instead of in the same grouping. One grouping contains only the image, and another contains only the text, or heading (or list). Use the arrow buttons to arrange your elements vertically.

Running out of places to add groupings.
You can’t run out of grouping sections in your admin, because whenever you fill in one grouping, another is automatically added at the bottom. NOTE: You may need to record changes and then come back to the page editor, before new groupings appear.