The Page Editor: Using the Link Browser

The Link Browser button is an easy way to add contextual navigation within your site to any page. Suppose you were writing paragraph text on a page, and you wanted to include “for more information, please Contact Us", with Contact Us being a link to your Contact page. Or, suppose you want to build a list of links to sub-navigation pages that are not shown in the nav bar at the top or to the left of your pages. Use the link browser button to create those links.

To add navigation to any currently existing page in your web site using the Link Browser:

  1. On a page where you wish to create a link to any other page on your site, highlight the text you would like to make into a link.
  2. Click the link browser button.
  3. The link browser displays all the pages on your site. Select the page you want to link to, and the link is added to your text.
  4. Turn off the link browser button.