USING YOUR ADMIN - The Page Editor - Uploading an Image

See information on preparing and sizing your images under Preparing your Content.

  1. Click the image button, next to the paragraph button.
  2. A new field and three buttons appear to the right of the field: Browse, preview image, and right/left.
  3. Click Browse, and a pop-up window will allow you to navigate your computer to find an image.
  4. Find a small jpg image to test out, and open/upload/select it.
  5. Use the preview image button to see if the image looks like the one you thought it was.
  6. Use the right/left button to position the image relative to a paragraph.
  7. Preview on/off to see how the page layout looks with the new picture.


Text Alternative: This is a place to put in substitute text for the image that will be readable by services that read web site content for blind people, and by search engines spidering your site. Some web browsers will also display this text when you mouse over the image.

Image Link: Use this field to turn your image into a clickable link to another page. Use the Link Browser if you wish to link to a page within your own web site. Otherwise, type in the full url (with http://) in the field provided.