USING YOUR ADMIN - The Page Editor - Text Formatting

Mac Users: This section requires an alternate procedure on the Mac. Click here.

PC/Windows users, read on:

Make sure the paragraph button is selected.

Notice the row of Text Editing buttons: off, web link, mailto link, link browser, bold, italic, clear markup.

  1. Click the bold button, and highlight some text in the paragraph you just typed by dragging across with your cursor.
  2. A popup asks to confirm that you want to make the selected text bold.
  3. Click yes, and notice the html tags on either side of the text you selected.
  4. Highlight and make bold any other text you wish.
  5. Click the off button to disengage the bold function.
  6. Click the preview on/off button at the top of the editor to view your bold text.
  7. Click the preview on/off button to go back to the editor.
  8. Highlight the bold text with the html tags, and hit the clear markup button. The tags go away, and your text is normal again.
  9. Highlight some of your text, and try the web link button, mailto link button, and italic button. Remember to use the off button to disengage these functions.
  10. A web link should look like this:
    And mailto (email popup) link should look like this: Be sure there are no spaces in your links.