Departments and Divisions

Special Projects Department

Economic Development Mission Statement:

"To collectively provide responsive quality services with respect for the diversity of the people of Rio Arriba County while enhancing the quality of life for all."

Special Projects Department Objectives:

  • Rio Arriba County recognizes the family as the principal economic, cultural and social building block of our community. As such, it must be the cornerstone of our economic plan.

  • Community Development: To develop leaders and processes that involve the entire community in creating short and long term plans; to allow self-sustaining communities to shape their own destinies and bring about better quality of life.

  • It is imperative that Rio Arriba's workforce skills are improved and/or developed to meet the challenges of attracting new industries to the area. Workforce Development is a high priority of the Commission in its Economic Development endeavors. Business productivity is a byproduct of a skilled workforce, which boosts the economic base and allows residents to enjoy essential service made possible through a gainfully employed population.

Special Projects Goals:

Develop a network of business assistance organizations, lenders and educational institutions committed to providing easy access to a seamless, effective and comprehensive support structure for potential and practicing entrepreneurs.

Special Projects Department Resources & Services

Resources and services provided by Special Projects Department:

  • Grant application preparation, page 1, page 2.

  • Business planning assistance for new and established businesses by providing information of local, state, and federal resources who can assist in this process.

  • Assist in finding specialized technical assistance for new and establised businesses.

  • Work with local and state educational institutions on workforce training programs.

  • Work on encouraging private companies to expand, build or relocate facilities which support new or expanding businesses.

  • Provide leads on financial capital and loans for start-up and established businesses.

  • Assist in providing incentives to those companies which build or relocate facilities which support new or expanding businesses and who hire local workforce.

  • Assist in adding value to the knowledge base of labor force by networking businesses with educational institutions and other workforce development agencies to provide training for employees of these businesses.

  • Chimayo Youth Conservation Corps

  • Assist with the development of economic clusters. The Economic Devlopment Ordinance can be viewed here.

Contact Information:

Director: Patricio Garcia
Telephone: (505) 747-7774