Rio Arriba County Celebrates 10 Years of Assisting Education Efforts  

RAC Manager Tomas Campos and Assistant Manager David Trujillo pose with RAC scholarship recipient, Ray Griego.  

Rio Arriba County (RAC) has always been a supporter of New Mexico education, especially when it comes to local institutions. In the past 10 years, the County has donated a total of $100,000 to Northern New Mexico College. Yearly donations are presented as a scholarship to one lucky student. Students and donors are then honored at the Annual Scholarship and Donor Recognition Dinner.  At this year’s dinner, hundreds attended the event as they listened to student speeches, were entertained by student musicians and viewed videos documenting some scholarship winner’s educational experience.  

“We are so proud to assist in our local education system,” said RAC Manager Tomas Campos. “Being able to help a student continue their education is so rewarding to me and all of my staff. I am very happy we have been able to participate in something so beneficial for all these years.”  This year’s County donation was a total of $10,000.

Campos and Trujillo were pleased to meet this year’s RAC scholarship recipient, Ray Griego, a biology student. “ Thank you all for this opportunity,” said Griego to RAC managers as he introduced himself. “I’m so happy to have been the recipient of the County’s scholarship.”

To view a list of this year’s recipients, click here

-Erika L. Martinez