P&Z Approves Special Use Permit for Drag Race Track


William Smith addresses the committee during the October 3rd public hearing. 

On October 3rd, during a public hearing, the Planning and Zoning Committee of Rio Arriba County (RAC) granted a special use permit for the development of the Four Corners Drag Racing Track. The track, which will be located off State Highway 522 near the turn off to Gobernador, will be built on 37.19 acres of the Robert A. Trust.

During the hearing, committee members had questions pertaining to proper medical protection, fire protection and waste management. Applicants Kerry Meyer and William Smith, both of the Four Corner drag Racing Association, spoke to the committee and assured them all necessities would be handled properly as contracts we in place for such services.

“This is going to be something really great for the youth,” said Smith, whose ranch is neighboring the drag race site. “We not only hope to attract youth from the part of the County where the track will be located, but we want this to serve youth from all over.” Both Smith and Meyer spoke on the fact that this track would not only provide a family-fun atmosphere, but would also provide an alternative to those who race illegally on the streets.

According to Meyer and Smith, because this effort is mostly run on the backs of volunteers, completion of the project will be dependent on the amount of monies available, but hopes are a three to five year completion.

-Erika L. Martinez, October 2012