New Barranco Water Crossing Creates Safer Access to Residential Areas 

The Rio Arriba County Roads Department has announced the completed installment of a low water crossing in Barranco, north of Abiquiu, which involved replacing two 24-inch culverts that were preventing local citizens from accessing their homes during the rainy season.

“Every time the stream would flow and during the rainy season, these culverts would plug up, therefore silting up the road, and many times, preventing the people of Barranco from cross to their homes,” said Joddie Valdez, Rio Arriba County Public Works Director. “This stream always flows during the winter months, causing the crossing to ice up, creating a hazardous condition for the travelling public. By constructing a low water crossing with french drains, the water will flow thru the drain and prevent ice from forming on the riding surface.”

The contractor for this project was R&M Construction. Construction on the crossing started on September 27, 2011 and was completed on October 12, 2011. The total cost of the project was $31,871.30.

-Erika L. Martinez, October 2011