Growth of RAC Fleet Department Assures Customer Service and Safety for Citizens

Improving local County roads, providing efficient customer service and assuring that drivers are able to travel safely on County roads: these are the top priorities that Paul Martinez, Director of the Rio Arriba County (RAC) Fleet Office, has in mind when selecting fleet inventory for Rio Arriba County. For a department that started out with one garage and contracted most of its’ fleet maintenance out, Martinez has been along for the ride to bring the department a long way. 

“Our fleet number has grown by about 150 in inventory,” said Martinez. “Our equipment is now up to date and reliable and our maintenance is done 99 percent in-house.” According to Martinez, having all of these factors in line not only provides for more efficient service, but it also saves the County, and ultimately the taxpayers, money. “If our equipment is up-to-date, our Road Department crew is better equipped to keep the roads maintained and repairs will happen faster and easier. Being able to have budget to hire several mechanics also helps us meet the demand to keep heavy equipment available, especially in case of emergencies. We are also able to assure our employees are mobile when needed.”

Fleet not only manages County vehicles for employees and heavy equipment, but the department is also responsible for handling fire trucks for fire departments around the County as well as units for the Rio Arriba Sheriff’s Office. “It’s our job to assure these emergency responders are adequately prepared to respond on time and with reliable units,” said Martinez. “Our number one concern is that we are able to have top quality customer service and that taxpayers monies are being spent wisely.”

The Fleet Department is a branch of the Public Works Department, and will be moving into a brand new state-of-the-art facility, which will house the main the Public Works Office as well as the Roads Department. This allows for the County to not only stop paying rent for a fleet facility, but it is also a mechanism, which provides for better internal communication, as well as more effective customer service by offering the public an all-in-one stop to fulfill their needs specific to the department.

“Not many people realize how much the community relies on the vehicles that we manage, but if you look around our beautiful County, it is important that we make the public aware of how we try to maintain our part to keep it beautiful and safe. Seeing this department grow to something productive and resourceful is very fulfilling,” Martinez said. 

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-Erika Martinez, July 2012