Española Farmers' Market Continues Strong Presence In the Community

Local farmer, David Garcia, tends to planted field at Market location. 

Many people don’t know about the variety of different fruits and vegetables grown each year in Northern New Mexico. In fact, many people don’t know that there are some edible fruits and vegetables grown wildly, right here in Rio Arriba County. At the Española Farmers' Market, people will not only be able to learn about those types of produce, but they may also have the pleasure of purchasing it as well. The Española Farmers' Market and Cultural Center is located at 1005 North Railroad Avenue in Espanola and is open every Monday, 10AM-5PM, from June through October.

According to Sabra Moore, the Farmers' Market Marketing Manager, vending booths are available to anyone interested in selling their harvest to the public. Those who wish to participate as vendors will be charged a $10 booth fee each day.

As an agricultural County, the Market has been an important staple to the residents for many years. After the Market had relocated several times, finding a permanent location was key to those who participate. “The Farmers' Market was finally able to get funding from the legislature to purchase land,” said Moore. “Six years ago, through Northern New Mexico College, the Market was able to obtain 3.19 acres of land.” Moore also added that this permanent foundation is kept and maintained by different farmers from throughout the County. This not only makes things more stable for the farmers who participate every year, but also provides convenience and familiarity for those who purchase from the Market every year.

Rio Arriba Farmers not only maintain the property, but their loyalty to the Market goes year-round. “There are about 30 core people that attend throughout the whole season to keep the market alive and going,” Moore explained. “People come to the Farmers' Market not only for economical reasons, but also for a cultural and personal experience as well. It’s just a living heritage around here. People enjoy other people and the atmosphere.”

Moore said she hopes that the Farmers' Market continues to grow stronger and more people get involved. Eventually, hopes are that the organization can structure a marketing building, which could conveniently include restrooms and a cold room for storage.

For more information on the Española Farmers' Market, go to, where the public can also link onto Moore’s blog, which posts related information consistently throughout the year. For more information on the Farmers' Markets throughout the state, visit

-Joshua M. Martinez, June 2012