Canjilon and Tierra Amarilla, Future Sites for Community Developments

District three of Rio Arriba County has a bright future to look forward to, now that the Rio Arriba County Government has purchased several pieces of land to use for development in the Canjilon and Tierra Amarilla (TA) areas. The Rio Arriba County Commission passed a resolution on September 29, 2011, authorizing the purchase of former school grounds in Canjilon and Tierra Amarilla, through an agreement with the Chama Valley School Board. The total acreage between both purchases average out to10.409 acres, estimated at a total cost of $100,000.

Plans for the development of the former school grounds are still being contemplated as the County is taking suggestions from the public and local groups to discuss possibilities with the County Commission. “I’m thankful to the school board for their cooperation during the negotiations to purchase the land,” said District Three Commissioner, Felipe Martinez. “This will allow the County to provide the local citizens with future developments, in which they have a say-so, and the County will also preserve these developments, which will serve future generations; I am very happy we were able to make this happen and we are anxious to receive input from members of the community.” Martinez added that ideas for the development have included the renovation for a new community center, but that assessments will be made to weigh the possibilities.

Plans for a future Rio Arriba County archive records center are also in the works, but the exact location in Tierra Amarilla is still being contimplated. According to Phillip Morfin, Rio Arriba county Grants and Contracts Administrator, developments for the archive building were prompted after a storm, which occurred years ago, almost permanently destroyed important County records, when the area they were kept in was flooded.  “This new archive building will house not only our older documents, which date back to the early 1900’s, but will also keep our current paper and digital records,” said Morfin.

Public meetings to receive input from citizens will be held in the near future. Dates and locations will be posted on the Rio Arriba county website at

-Erika L. Martinez, October 2011