RAC Treasurer’s Office Hunts Down Tax Delinquency

The RAC Treasurer’s Office in now taking active steps to encourage citizens, and businesses alike, to pay all outstanding delinquent taxes before June 30, which marks the deadline for delinquent reports to be sent to the New Mexico Property Tax Division. According to Leo Marquez, RAC Deputy Treasurer, over 2,000 letters have already been sent out to delinquent businesses and individuals detailing their accounts.

“We have literally visited the physical properties and made phone calls to urge compliance to those who have not paid,” said Marquez. According to Marquez, taxes on personal property, real property (business and personal) and mobile homes, owed to the County range from $1 to almost $100,000.

“Taxpayers must be caught up by the end of June,” said Marquez. “Once those reports are disseminated to the State, it’s out of our control and the County cannot accept any more payments.”

According to Marquez, tax delinquency is being traced back years. The lack of manpower has been to blame for not tracking adequately until now, but Marquez assures the Treasurer’s staff has been working diligently for months to notify the public to collect as soon as possible.  

“We are trying our best to work with the public; it’s vital they understand how important it is to assure they are current with their tax payments,” he added.

Citizens can call (505) 753-1663 or (575) 588-7727 for questions or visit the RAC Treasurer’s Office located at 1122 Industrial Park Road in Española or State Road 162, Building 149 in Tierra Amarilla.    

-Erika L. Martinez, June 2013