Moises A. Morales, Jr., Rio Arriba County Clerk

Mr. Moises Morales Jr., a native of Canjilon, New Mexico has been involved in the politics of Rio Arriba for many years.  He has served two terms as County Commissioner for District 3 and currently, serves as the County Clerk. In 2001, during his term as County Commissioner, he received the Commissioner of the Year Award from the Coalition of Arizona and New Mexico Counties for his diligent work in improving the cities, towns and villages of Rio Arriba County. In 2001, he was also the recipient of the Hispanic Leadership Award from De Colores Inc.

As a young man in the 1960's, Mr. Morales was involved in the Tierra Amarilla Court House Raid in which the Alancia Del Pueblo attempted to make a citizen's arrest on then District Attorney Alfonso Sanchez, for violations of the civil rights of New Mexican residents. He continues to be involved in the fight to empower the people of Northern New Mexico in regards to land and water rights. He has also been involved and continues to be involved in County road repair, County Fire Department activities and County Senior Center issues.

His love for fellow Native New Mexicans and the beautiful land, drive him to be involved in those issues that affect all New Mexicans. Although, he is no longer on the Board of County Commissioners, Mr. Morales continues to appear and speak on behalf of the people in court on many issues, including grazing rights. Mr. Morales is proud to serve as the County’s Clerk and is pleased to be a part of preserving Northern New Mexico’s culture and rights.

Achievements/Organizational Involvement Include:

  • Founder and Board Member of La Clinic del Pueblo
  • Ditch Mayordomo
  • Member of Cattle Association
  • Grazing Permitee for Carson Nat’l Forest
  • Former Member of Health Policy Commission, Appointed by Governor Bill Richardson