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Mission Statement: 
The mission of the Office of Emergency Management is to prepare for and reduce the effects of natural or man-made disasters through planning, mitigation, response and recovery.

The Office of Emergency Management is funded through a matching grant from FEMA. The Office uses risk assessments and hazard analysis to identify problems which might affect the county. Once this information is obtained, measures are initiated to reduce the effect of those hazards. By reducing the impact, the recovery from the disaster is enhanced allowing for a quicker return to normal. This process includes training and planning.

The OEM is also working with the State Office of Emergency Management to deal with Homeland Security funding to enhance response capabilities.

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The projects slated for FY2006 will be based on mandated requirements from both the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They will include measures to ensure compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS). The compliance with NIMS must be completed prior to October 2006 and will require participation from all elected officials and Directors within the County. This requirement will be tied to all future funding.
Homeland Security

National Incident Management System Compliance
The NIMS compliance mandate ensures that all levels of government respond to natural or man-made disasters in a efficient and effective manner. NIMS is comprised of several components involving the Incident Command System, Management of Resources, Public Information and Unified Command


  1. Conduct Staff training of IS700 to familiarize all staff with the requirements of NIMS

  2. Train Directors and Elected Officials to the IS- Intermediate level

  3. Conduct a county wide table top exercise to reinforce lessons learned

  4. Work with Directors to ensure development of county resources to include type and kind

  5. Conduct capability assessment with local response agencies to enhance response to CBRNE incidents.

  6. Train responders with courses designed for hazardous materials response to include:

    Hazardous Materials: Awareness

    Hazardous Materials: Operations

    Critical Incident Management

  7. Work with NMDPS to secure funding for full-scale exercise in Sept. 2006

  8. Establish time line for training

  9. Secure location

  10. Establish exercise design time for scenario

Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG)
The EMPG provides limited funding to the County to support Emergency Management operations. The funding provides a 50% match for salary and benefits along with matching for travel and membership in the New Mexico Emergency Management Association. The additional funding is based on the application process and program objectives listed in the scope of work. This funding is provided as enhancement of the budget. The Emergency Management program is designed to improve the county’s ability to respond to and recover from man-made or natural disasters. This ability comes through the four phases of emergency management; planning, response mitigation and recovery. Each of the phases work together to reduce or limit the risks and to shorten the recovery.

1. Training of Directors and elected officials

Conduct training based on FEMA guidelines to define the roles and responsibilities of Elected Officials and Directors

2. Revision of County Building Evacuation Plan

Revise Evacuation Plan to include new NIMS mandates to include annex for Building security with proper Identification

3. Identification and development of Emergency Operations Center

Locate and identify needed resources to setup and equip an emergency operations center to enhance and support field operations during an emergency or declared disaster. Center should include access to county server and establish communication area.

4. Conduct Capability and Resource Assessment

The updated Emergency Operations Plan will need to be augmented by a current resource manual. This manual should include all county resources along with contact information for that resource. The Emergency Manager, with the assistance of Fire Chiefs Association and RAEMSAC and obtain complete listing of resources assigned to each department. Those resources will be entered into a database and provided with the type and kind rating per NIMS. County resources will be documented with the assistance of Directors.

5. Conduct EOC exercises

To Comply with FEMA requirements, small tabletop exercises will be conducted on a regular basis to ensure Elected Officials and Directors have a complete understanding of responsibilities when the EOC is activated/

The Emergency Manager will also continue to work within the Homeland Security, Office of Domestic Preparedness to secure funding as available for projects to enhance response capability.


1122 Industrial Park Road
Espanola, New Mexico 87532
Office (505)747-1941
Fax (505)747-2338

Mateo DeVargas, Emergency Preparedness Director


Teresa Lopez, Secretary I


Information on recent flooding in rio arriba county

All Rio Arriba County residents experiencing flooding damage to their property, please submit photos of the damage as well as contact information including physical address to the Emergency Preparedness Office at For additional information call 505-747-1941.


Governor Susana Martinez passed Exectutive Order 2014-013 "DECLARING AN EMERGENCY THROUGHOUT NEW MEXICO DUE TO MONSOONAL FLOODING" on August 6, 2014 days after County Commissioners signed Resolution 2015-011 "DECLARATION OF DISASTER FOR RIO ARRIBA COUNTY"



Application for Assistance (Ditch Associations)



Rio Arriba Hazard Mitigation final draft for review.