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Rio Arriba County DWI Prevention Program

Louise Sanchez,  DWI Coordinator/LSAA


  Espanola Office: (505) 747-1418
Espanola Ofice Fax: (505) 753-6557

Tierra Amarilla DWI Unit: (505) 538-0358

Espanola Office Location:
Rio Arriba County Espanola Annex Building
1122 Industrial Park Road
Espanola, NM 87532


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 Mission Statement: To promote alternatives to alcohol and drug misuse and abuse by developing community relationships through coordinating, planning and collaborative efforts. Our vision is to focus on the overall emphasis of the reduction of alcohol and drug related DWI issues.

DWI Program Overview:
The Rio Arriba County DWI Program administers programs and services that are designed to reduce the number of alcohol related fatalities throughout Rio Arriba County. We accomplish this mission utilizing funding from the State of New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration local distribution funds as well as New Mexico Traffic Safety Bureau community DWI funds. 

With Rio Arriba County Commission recommendations as well as the County DWI Council that serves as a planning body, funding is utilized strategically to provide an array of educational programs and intervening services to the residents of the Rio Arriba County.                                                                                        
Program Components:

  • Prevention

  • Enforcement

  • Screening of DWI offenders

  • Compliance Monitoring/Tracking of DWI Offenders

  • Coordination/Planning and Evaluation

  • Offender Programs

  • Public Information and Education

  • Treatment for DWI offenders (Intensive Outpatient Services)

  • Detoxification Incarceration Treatment(Inpatient Services within the Tierra Amarilla Detention Center)

  • Juvenile Justice Program (Working with adjudicated delinquent youth)

The components listed above include a separate grant of $200,000 from the Local DWI Grant Program specifically allocated for the operation of an inpatient jail based treatment program. Opportunities for DWI offenders serving mandated jail sentences include individual and group therapeutic sessions focusing on addiction, anger, grief, DWI awareness and prevention as well as gender specific mental health support. The Rio Arriba County Detention Center located in Tierra Amarilla provides a therapeutic setting to steer inmates towards their sobriety and other social service programs that can provide further aftercare assistance.

The Rio Arriba County DWI Program has received national recognition for culturally sensitive prevention programs that support our predominate Hispanic community. Since the Espanola Valley is labeled the Lowrider Capitol of the World we annually implement our “Cruise don’t Booze Nites” that promotes safe driving and enforces zero tolerance laws among our youth. In addition, we breath alcohol test every student attending prom in all 5 school districts located in the County. We administer over 800 breath tests during prom nights. This prevention activity has been supported by local governing bodies, school administrators and teenagers.

For further information or requesting presentations please contact us between 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.