Rio Arriba County Telephone Directory


 Assessor’s Office      

Fred Vigil, County Assessor              

Tierra Amarilla 575-588-7726
Espanola 505-753-7019

Clerk's Office

Moises A. Morales, County Clerk
Tierra Amarilla 575-588-7724
FAX 575-588-7418
Espanola 505-753-1780
FAX 505-753-1258

Manager's Office
Tomas Campos III, County Manager        
David F. Trujillo, Assistant County Manager
Tierra Amarilla 575-588-7254
FAX 575-588-7810
Espanola 505-753-2992
FAX 505-753-9397

Detention Center

Larry Deyapp, Director
Tierra Amarilla 575-588-7350
Espanola 505-753-1904

District Court
Tierra Amarilla 575-588-0058


Louise Sanchez, Director
Espanola 505-747-1418

Fax 505-753-6557

Emergency Preparedness

Mateo DeVargas, Director
Espanola 505-753-1941

Economic Development

Christopher Madrid, Director
Espanola 505-753-2992

Extension Office
Tierra Amarilla 575-588-7423
Espanola 505-753-3405

Finance Department

Christine Montano, Finance Director
Tierra Amarilla 575-588-7254

Fire Marshall

Ralph Martinez, Interim Fire Marshal
Espanola 505-747-6367

Public Works

Napoleon Garcia, Director

Espanola 505-747-1402

Fax 505-747-0336

Building Maintenance

Espanola 505-747-1402
Espanola 505-753-3169

Fleet Maintenance

Paul Martinez, Fleet Maintenance Coordinator

Alcalde 505-852-3744

Fax 505-852-9681

Grants and Contracts /Building Rentals

Kimberly Cordova, Department Administrator

Espanola 505-753-2992                             Fax 505-753-9397

Health and Human Services

Lauren Reichelt, Director

Espanola 505-753-3143                             Fax 505-753-1769

Housing Authority

Lori Leyba, Director

Espanola 505-753-7870                                    Fax 505-753-3667

Health Care Assistance Program

Sheila Vigil, Health Care Assistance Coordinator 

Espanola 505-753-2992

Fax 505-753-2992

Los Valles Transit "Blue Bus"

Espanola 505-629-4725

Toll Free 1-866-206-0754

North Central Solid Waste

Gino Romero, Manager

Espanola 505-747-8459

Oñate Center


Planning and Zoning

Lucia Sanchez, Director

Tierra Amarilla 575-588-7254

Espanola 505-753-7774

Probate Court

Marlo R. Martinez, Probate Judge

Espanola 505-753-7271

Fax 505-753-7700

Recreation Department

Joseph Martinez, Director

Espanola 505-753-6663

Senior Program

Dennis T. Salazar, Director

Administration 505-753-7597

Alcalde 505-852-9293                                      Chama 575-756-2765
Coyote 575-638-9112
Dixon 505-579-9176
El Rito 505-581-4577
Espanola 505-753-4971
Truchas 505-689-2511
Tierra Amarilla 575-588-7731

Sheriff's Office

James Lujan, County Sheriff

Tierra Amarilla 575-588-7271
Espanola 505-753-3329

Treasurer's Office

Jose A. Candelaria, County Treasurer

Tierra Amarilla 575-588-7727
Fax 575-588-9302
Espanola 505-753-1663